Full Stack Web Developer: Nicholas Olsen

In this podcast I interviewed the Fullsnack Developer (AKA Nicholas Olsen).

Nicholas is many things. What I mean by that is, he's good at many things.

1. He’s an entrepreneur

2. Web developer

3. Artist

4. Graphic designer

5. Musician (drums)

6. Professional BodyBuilder

7. And SkateBoarder

We talk about:

1. His journey to become a programmer

2. What he took in school

3. How he got his first programming job

4. What programming languages he knew when he got his job

5. How and when he started his two companies (TAPA Creative and the ATRIUM)

6. His partnerships with other companies

7. Creativity and his creative process

8. The concept of “double-dipping” with respect to entrepreneurship

9. Productivity and how to stay ultra-productive

10. How to enjoy your time off and forget about work

11. Removing things that don’t add value to your life

12. How to convert web development customers better

13. Web development pricing

14. Programmer tools

I really enjoyed the interview. I’m looking forward to seeing what companies Nicholas starts in the next few years.